just got the new album from RAN, I got it from prambors jogjakarta. yes i just won a quiz from those radio HAHA funny right?

i love RAN so much (especially Nino, eh?) first time i listen their song is “nothing last forever” the song was so much cool and so easy listening and so much jazzy! and since that time i heart them until now 😀

well, in this album HOPE, honestly i don’t really like it. cause they’re seems like changing from band with a jazz genre to dance. actually i love dance genre too but it just like i lost my RAN. I miss the way their single goes with  a jazzy beat.

well, there is the list on this album,

umm.. i think they all are reccomended to listen. cause the beat can make you shake your body for sure hahaha.

when i write this, i just listening to this album HOPE. i think they still put the “easy listening” word for this album. congrats RAN 😀

well anyway, i just requested one pairs of shoes from H&M, actually i LOVE IT SO DAMN MUCH! oh God..

i’m not buy that brand, i just modify it. yes i do that for the low price for that shoes. you can see the price that must you pay if you want to pay the brand. *sigh.

oh well in Indonesia especially Jogjakarta that where I am is still raining all day long. it makes me should be have to drive the car by myself. hmm, i think if there’s a new car that only for me then automatically i will driving my own car wherever i go HAHAHA.

ok. today was enough. thanks for this Friday, God 🙂

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