f.s.e.d = honestly i don’t know the acronym

so, please welcome F.S.E.D 😀

that’s nice right hahaha. well we’re had done join the cover dance competition and guess what? we’re go to the final! yeah final on our first debut. it’s totaly nice. and here i’ll share pict of that day 😀

what i wore in that day, feel so cute. hihihi 😀


f.s.e.d on stage 🙂



and this is f.s.e.d crew :p

and i love him anyway :3

that’s much pict on my camera but i think i can’t share all of them. and anyway i still have so much things to do this week, it’s called UAS yeah your broken planner.

well, i want to prove my dance more and more cause i love it, but don’t worry fashion still i love the most 😀

goodnight! 🙂

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when you have to bleed

berhubung ini pukul 3:31 WIB dan saya dalam keadaan yang tidak memungkinkan untuk menulis blog berbahasa inggris, let me use bahasa indonesia for this post.

satu hal yang pengen aku bahas pagi ini adalah pengorbanan. berkorban itu bukan suatu hal yang mudah. pengorbanan itu bisa dalam berbagai bentuk. mungkin kalian pernah berkorban untuk sesuatu hal yang kalian suka seperti mengorbankan gak jajan sebulan demi sebuah night dress di salah satu mal yang harganya lumayan mahal, atau berkorban demi tugas akhir yang gak selesai-selesai (hey, i just too young to talk about it) , atau berkorban demi orang yang kamu sayang. ya, orang yang kamu sayang.

aku sempet gak paham sama rasa sayang yang aku punya. entah kenapa aku sendiri gak ngerti sama perasaanku. i just felt that i love you and i don’t care if you ain’t with me but i still love you and here for you. terkesan lugu, polos dan mendekati bego sebenernya, tapi ya itu yang aku rasain. seolah aku udah mati rasa ke orang lain, dan yang aku mau cuma kamu. titik.

agak egois memang, tapi liat sekarang. aku merasa seperti ada lagi, balik lagi, dan bisa lagi buat jalanin semuanya. walaupun belum sepenuhnya, walaupun aku masih harus nahan sakit yang bisa dateng kapan aja, walaupun harus ada bayang bayang seperti ‘apes-apesnya ya yang kemaren itu bakal keulang lagi’, dan walaupun aku udah tau kemungkinan terburuk itu tapi seolah aku gak siap dan gak akan bisa siap buat menghadapi itu.kalupun hal itu harus terjadi, ya mungkin aku bakal lebih yakin lagi kalo i’m such an idiot, i can’t think clearly and always being played. mungkin ini konyol, tapi kalo disuruh milih pun aku tetep memilih jadi idiot dan berada dalam permainan itu.

sampai saat ini yang bisa aku lakuin cuman nulis disini, ya memang bukan berarti gak ada orang yang aku kenal maupun gak ada satu orang pun yang membaca post ini. aku bukan bermaksud menutupi tapi aku kurang memiliki keberanian untuk share ke dunia nyata. aku takut mereka salah paham, aku takut mereka hanya mementingkan logika mereka, aku takut mereka tidak bisa mengerti rasanya menjadi seperti ini. memang menurutku pun gak ada yang bisa ngerti apa yang aku rasain tanpa mereka tau rasanya ada di posisiku. dan ya dari blog ini aku bisa dapet kelegaan walaupun cuma sedikit, thanks choco chips 🙂

well, one thing that you should know,  If loving you is wrong I don’t wanna be right If being right means being without you I’d rather live a wrong doing life – luther ingram.


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got a glasses from my mom, love it! thanks mommy *hug*

cause of the glasses, i took that pictures without flashlight, sorry for the bad pict 😦

well, my mom bring this cute glasses for me. and i know she has a good taste 😀

i have so much tasks to do next month. the competition and UAS. that will drain my brain i think (ok, this is too much). wish me luck! and umm.. i don’t know i just feel so comfortable now and feel that i find myself back. hope this ain’t just a while 🙂

well, happy sunday folks! cheers.

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no matter if you’re black or white.

i just come back from Bali. yea not just visited my brother, i met my old friend and we enjoyed the saturday night there. Bali was great and still awesome. ohh i miss that place and always love them so much!

well, i just bought that cute dress in Pasar Sukowati. love that dress so much! and Bali was great though i just got two days there. 4 years and two days? hmmm that’s not comparable but still fun 😀

unbranded hat, unbranded dress, volt wedges, unbranded cardigan

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go brown

yeay! i’ve got a pairs of shoes from Devi, Love it!

with a less price i can got that shoes hahaha so happy! 😀

well, anyway now i’m just join some dance exercise. finally! HAHA

and wish me luck for the competition that i will join one month later 🙂

well, have a great day folks! 😀

unbranded outfit

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that’s it

when you know that people has change and move to the other way that they choose and it’s make you feel uncomfortable, you just pretend that you can, you can accept with smile and even you know, there’s no hope anymore. hope, yea we always have hope to life, hope to have joy and blast in our life, but if there’s no hope what the right way that you must choose then?. this day i feel so messy, i have no direction, i.. oh God.

why that time must be back again? why that pain must i feel again? why?

i always try to be best, for all people that i ever met. i hope they can do the best too for me. but that’s just hope. yea only hope. i can’t make it’s come true in my life. maybe i just have too much expectation, i just too much dreaming, i just can’t see that what i want is too much perfect, and i must be more understand that nothing perfect in this world.

and that’s it. that’s the point. that’s what i get from what i did. i always learn everytime i bleed, and the lesson’s learned now is about how i must be braver, be wiser, and be more acceptable. and i try not to change what i feel, cause it’s too great to be changing.

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the scientist

Come up to meet you, tell you I’m sorry

You don’t know how lovely you are

I had to find you

Tell you I need you

Tell you I set you apart

Tell me your secrets

And nurse me your questions

Oh let’s go back to the start

Running in circles

Coming up tails

Heads on a silence apart

Nobody said it was easy

It’s such a shame for us to part

Nobody said it was easy

No one ever said it would be this hard

Oh take me back to the start

I was just guessing

At numbers and figures

Pulling your puzzles apart

Questions of science

Science and progress

Do not speak as loud as my heart

Tell me you love me

Come back and haunt me

Oh and I rush to the start

Running in circles

Chasing our tails

Coming back as we are

Nobody said it was easy

Oh it’s such a shame for us to part

Nobody said it was easy

No one ever said it would be so hard

I’m going back to the start

(the scientist-Coldplay)

at this time i love that song so much. i dont know, i just feels like i was there in that song.

hmm, i just want there someone try hard to get me with, not just in a simple way.

but, no one want to do that.

what’s a pity.

this is life, sometimes this isn’t perfect yet.

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clogs i’m in love..

thats clogs makes me crazy! aaaaah how cute they’re!

i want them huhuhu at least have one of them 😦

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so sensitive

i don’t know i just feel so sensitive tonight. maybe because of the weather. or maybe cause of my assigment that has been pile up like a trash, *sigh.

the picture was not in a good angle, well my shoes not appear well.

looks like a shaolin shoes right? wait, no no it’s look like ballet shoes. HAHA

well, i just wish my weight is reduced. that’s difficult thing so far but i never give up, never give up to eat HAHAHA -_-

N.y.L.a blazer , Forever21 tanktop, colorbox skirt, unbranded necklace, unbranded shock, Charles&Keith shoes

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when life is getting harder

i remember when my friend wrote this :

“when life give you lemon, make lemonade”

that’s simple but meaningful. as we know, lemon has a seared taste if you only taste it by itself. as well in our life, if there’s something come and happened and you don’t like it, then you’ll get so uncomfortable and be so badmood. well, if you can make a lemonade with a good taste, you’ll feel calm and better. becase in lemonade not only has a seared taste, you should combine it with sugar and water. and that’s how you can clear your problems. put a sweet and netral taste to your problem and be calm, then you’ll find better way to clear your problems. actually, there’s no problem that cannot be solved. and always remember that God is always help you in this beautiful life 🙂

well, i will thanks to my friend Fadhila Kurnia Wijayanti that amazingly wrote that quotation on her bio twitter 😀


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